Directory Search

Using the Directory
The Reuse & Recycle Directory will provide you with a list of charities, businesses and City services that can reuse, recycle or dispose of your unwanted household items. Search for the item (e.g. beds, curtains, bicycles, etc.) you want to get rid of above.
Search Tips
  • Use the search engine to look up the item you want to get rid of (e.g. beds, curtains, bicycles).
  • The keyword must be pluralized (e.g. toasters, couches, books, etc.).
  • Names of organizations, services and activities (e.g. recycling, composting, painting etc.) are not valid keywords.
  • Brand names and descriptions of items (e.g. large, old, used, working, etc.) are not valid keywords.
  • If the specific item you are searching for does not appear, try a more general term (e.g. toys, sports equipment, electronics, etc.).