Picnic Site Bookings

Terms and Conditions Agreement for use of Picnic Sites

The City of Edmonton (“the City”) grants you (known as the Licensee within these terms) access to the on-line picnic site reservation application upon agreement to the rules and regulations stated here within:

  • A minimum 4 hour reservation will be requested.
  • Payment in full for your reservation will be provided immediately upon contact from a booking coordinator to confirm your reservation date and location.
  • Refunds / Cancellations Inclement weather refunds will be granted on a case by case basis. Refunds will not be granted for fire bans, mosquitos, light rain or wind. Written cancellation requests must be submitted to the Bookings Office a minimum of 16 days prior to reserved date to receive a refund of payment less a $25 cancellation fee. Less than 16 days notice will not be issued a refund.
  • Proof of Liability Insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 will be provided by the Licensee for any/all “Inflatable equipment” brought on to the designated park site during the term of the reservation. Documentation will be submitted by the Licensee to the booking coordinator at the time of confirmation of the reservation. The equipment owner will provide a gas generator for use of the equipment and not access or request to access power at the designated set-up site.
  • The License will be carried by the Licensee, at all times during the License Term.
  • The Licensee will arrive on site at the start of the booking and remain on site for the duration of the term of the Agreement. Should you not arrive on time, the reserved sign may be removed.
  • The picnic site shall be used for the purpose designated on the License and consideration of others around your site will be respected.
  • The use of public address systems or loud hailers by the Licensee and their participants is prohibited. Music volume must be kept to a reasonable level.
  • Signage, decorations and directional aids will be pre-approved by a booking coordinator prior to being posted. All signage will be removed immediately following the term of the reservation.
  • Waste and garbage will be deposited in the garbage receptacles located adjacent to or near the picnic site. If maintenance is required to repair damage or to clean up the site as a result of your booking, the Licensee will accept responsibility of additional charges and submit payment accordingly.
  • The consumption of alcohol on City Parkland is prohibited and thereby adhered to.
  • Open fires are restricted to designated fire pits. Stoves are located on the grounds for your convenience. If the Licensee uses a briquette barbecue, the contents must be disposed of in a safe manner in the nearest camp stove or fire pit. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure a camp fire is maintained and watched at all times and completely extinguished at end of the reservation term.
  • The Licensee will supply their own firewood as it is an offense to remove and burn deadfall found in parks.
  • Parking in designated parking areas is not reserved. Service roads are for City staff and emergency vehicle use only. The Licensee shall not park or drive on any grassed area.
  • The Licensee shall not bring any animal on parkland without an approved permit. While on parkland no person shall harm, trap, tease or disturb any animal, bird or other wildlife.
  • Vehicle access or power access to the designated park site as identified in the License Agreement will be adhered to and payment will be submitted prior to use. Vehicle access as assigned to the Licensee will be used for delivery purposes to the designated picnic site only.